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About us



Some people like to read on a screen & Some people like to read in book using old Book shelf and Other people need the variety and artistry, the sight, smell, and feel of actual books.They love seeing them on their shelves; they love having shelves for them.   


They love taking them along when they leave the house, and stack-ing them by their bedsides. They love finding old letters and bookmarks in them. They like remembering where they book receive them or who they received them from Free of Cost.

hey want to read in a way that offers a rich experience, more than the words only: the full offering of a book. They are particular about  solid items in the form of Books, they want to surround themselves with the poetry of good design.

“They can’t pass a bookstore without going in and getting something”.


 Alamgir Institute of Engineering and Technology is the only Vocational Institute that gives skills FREE of cost to all people especially to those who want to get better career opportunities. Currently we are offering few courses such as Microsoft Office which includes MS Word, MS PowerPoint and MS Excel, Web Designing Which includes CSS and HTML, Graphic Designing which includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Proshow, Basic Electrician which includes electrical & electronics systems, circuits, and appliances, and Networking which includes Communication & Server Media and Client & Server Installation and few workshops like Photography, Public Speaking. Our aim is to built a SKILLFUL PAKISTAN.


Alamgir Welfare Trust works in all aspects of life whether its Health, Food, Education and many more. In Education we are not only giving free course books but also giving merit cum need based scholarships to students for their success in educational journey. Now it’s time to expand Education aspect and cater all those who are eager to learn and improve themselves. As we know that Govt. schools are unable to provide all facilities which private schools are providing to its students which creates inequality among the people of same age and education. Which not only leads to unemployment but also give them feeling of inferior among others. For that Alamgir Welfare Trust has introduced Alamgir Institute of Engineering and Technology (AIET). This will not only help students to get those skills but will also help to develop Student’s personality and way of living. Almost 5 years back this idea was originated due to increase in unemployment and Unskilled labor and now those who are eager to learn are invited.


Currently we are offering few courses such as Microsoft Office, Web and Graphic Designing, Basic Electrician and Networking and few workshops like Photography, Public Speaking. This will not only help students to improve themselves but will also help them to create better career opportunities AND PROVIDES BOOKS FREE OF COST IN AIET BOOK BANK.


We will also give stipend to all our students so that they could manage their expenses and manage to get education and skill which was left due to financial or any other issues. This might encourage students to become an independent with the help of skill we will be providing to them. May Almighty Allah bless us in our mission.